Pre-engineered Buildings

At MetaTech Peb and Structure, we develop the most cost-effective infrastructure in the form of pre-engineered buildings.

Our Specialities are
  • Architectural precision can be achieved at 30% lower cost
  • Overall project time can be saved by 30-40% due to shorter construction period (end-to-end)
  • A completely factory-built quality and uniformity guaranteed in design and fabrication
  • Durability, seismic and wind resistance as well as aesthetic appearance are a plus
  • 30% lighter than regular building materials and higher design flexibility
  • Special attention provided to the tapered section and light weight rolled frames “Z” and “C” section

Where are these STRUCTURES USED?

Right from warehouses, cold storage, supermarkets, accommodation houses up to offices, parking lots and showrooms, everything is built using this eco-friendly structure.

What are the benefits of using these structures? Some more one-of-its kind benefits -
  • The most affordable and optimum maintenance costs are an added advantage of these structures.
  • Extremely simple design of the foundation and easier to construct
  • The structures can be easily dismantled and utilised for future expansion.
  • Purely energy efficient material is used with watertight roofing systems
  • We ensure its faster delivery within 6 to 8 weeks