MetaTech Peb and Structure specializes in manufacturing and installing containers. Along with shipping and import export purposes, we also provide facilities of offices, storage and accommodation. Highly customized, user-friendly, hassle-free without maintenance worries are a benchmark quality of our containers.

Our Specialities are
  • Highest stability and durability
  • Concealed wiring and insulation customized to client requirements
  • Corten-A Grade, high quality steel & other components
  • Compact size, superior structural strength and location-specific construction parameters
  • End-to-end installation done with a hydra/crane to unload the containers

Where are these STRUCTURES USED?

Our wide array of containers has multiple uses. For example, everything ranging from construction sites, cold storage, office, accommodation, flat rack containers, toilet container up to electrical house container and boiler room.

What are the benefits of using these structures? Some more one-of-its kind benefits -
  • Sturdy and suitable for open barren lands
  • No need for a solid foundation (plain ground is sufficient)
  • Easily assembled with lesser erection cost and time
  • Authentic quality control checks ensured
  • Accommodation containers are fully equipped with in-built bathroom, toilet, furniture, working table, etc.
  • Available for short as well as long term
  • Rust proof, adverse weather proof and user friendly
  • Prompt delivery within 2 weeks