Aerocon Panel Cabin and PUF Cabin

Our Specialities are
Aerocon Panel Cabin
It consists of a unique tongue and groove joint system which enables a rapid construction. Its groove joints make it interlockable. Hence, these structures are highly in demand for easy dismantling and reuse.
PUF Cabin
A Polyurethane Foam (PUF) panel is multi-purpose material. The panel surface is made up of steel, aluminium, cement, MDF boards or a proportionate combination of all this material.
Where are they used?

Useful for constructing cold storage, prefabricated shelters, portable cabins, health centres and wall cladding

PUF or cement panels are insulated panels and ACP panels are embedded in exterior walls of the cabin

What are the benefits of using these structures?
Aerocon Panel Cabin
  • Turnkey construction, disposable and paint-friendly
  • Highly fire-resistant, stands adverse weather and pest/ bacteria issues
  • Bears heavy structural loads
  • Saves money and time due to less requirement of labour force
  • Saves space especially at premises which already have minimum space
Puf Cabin
  • Best quality, durable, sturdy and does not crack
  • Structural strength and insulation properties
  • 70% material is reusable
  • Maintenance of energy levels due to low thermal conductivity
  • Total construction cost is reduced
  • Zero maintenance
  • Hassle-free transportation